Sunday, November 04, 2007

Ancient Chinese Civilisation

Watching the Hong Kong serial drama now airing on Channel U every weekday, “The Conqueror’s Story” where the protagonists in the story are Xiang Yu and Liu Bang of the Chu-Han period, I am kept mentally and visually simulated.

The 5000 year old Chinese civilisation certainly holds tons of valuable lessons to be learnt from the rise and fall of the dynasties and I welcome Chinese dramas based on these themes.

Such drama serials are not only exciting in content, visually exciting, these are great educational tools as well.

For this drama that I am currently watching, one can witness the power of emotional quotient demonstrated by Liu Bang at play, which eventually won over the hard technical power and prowess of Xiang Yu who was less attuned to the use of wise men and who lacked people skills

In short, people’s leader vs dictatorial and authoritative leader.

On a separate front, I wonder why the Television Corporation of Singapore (TCS) could not really produce a drama series which could really rival that of Hong Kong

I do not think it is a matter that TCS has a short history as compared to its Hong Kong counterpart. The crux of the issue, I believe, lies in the skills of the artistes and the directing skills.

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