Monday, November 26, 2007

5 Singaporeans drowned in Cambodia

22 Singaporean rowers of the National Team participated in one of the traditional dragon boating festivals in Cambodia where their boat capsized, drowning five of the members.

These five members were found to be without life-jackets prior to the drowning. This sad episode threw a question: Why were life jackets not worn?

In common dragon boat racing, though life jackets are advisable to be worn, many rowers do not wear due to the belief that these life jackets may impede their movements. And often, the sailors set off once they have determined that the sea is calm.

It must be emphasized that this incident is a freak one. There was a sudden influx of currents which capsized the boat. Experienced rowers wearing life jackets may also drown in such an environment.

However, life jackets do minimise the probability of drowning.

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