Monday, October 08, 2007

The War of Life

It has been pouring the whole of today. After the rain, the smell of the night was made even more palpable, sending my mind back to reminiscence mode as flashes of memories streaked past in my mind, reminding me of the yester-years.

It was the smell of the night, but more aptly, the smell of the jungle; when boys become men, when command and control were given to a few men who were supposed to be good officers and commanders.

Unfortunately, it was not to be. Command and control when given in a military setting, when left unchecked and used to control a bunch of innocent young men who did not have any inkling of the military law soon became hell.

Abuse, humiliation, unfair treatments were the norms of the days…… the commanders were na├»ve to think that young men in their early 20s could not distinguish between strict regimen and plain ‘tekaning’. In my two years’ stay at the now notorious army camp, I could not recall the numbers of incidents when I was subject to absurd humiliation, taunting and unfairness.

I shall not dwell on the details of these days………… I remember writing all events of my NS life on diaries which soon accumulated into thick volumes, only to be shredded into thousands pieces on re-reading it one fine day. This shall speak volumes of my NS experience.

NS is critical to Singapore, the two are inextricable. I understand the paramount importance of NS to Singapore. However, organizations do have black sheep which tarnish the image of the organization.

My days in NS were unfortunately blighted by unworthy military commanders….. but it only made me even stronger mentally and physically as I experienced countless of unnecessary hardships, tortures and experience the gamut of life. I emerged a more rugged man, not really ready to fight a military war, but ready to take on the war of life.

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