Friday, October 12, 2007

War against Smoke

The National Environment Agency (NEA) is doing a marvelous job in putting a stem to the perennial light up of cigarettes in public places like the coffee shops, bus interchanges, pubs etc.

The thrust of the initiative, key to ensuring that non-smokers’ health are not jeopardized by passive smoking is well-founded. However the question is whether this initiative is sustainable?

The machinery of enforcement, fines and monitoring is cranked up and set to full gear but at times where there are no officers to monitor and enforce would-be offenders, the basic instinct of smokers, kicks in and it is still not uncommon to see smokers smoking at public places at times.

The effective success of the anti-smoking regulations can only be achieved through a mindset change albeit with the heavy fines, a certain deterrent effect can be achieved.

All public places may be covered with anti-smoking regulations and fines meted out to offenders when necessary, but the regulations may not be able to cover homes.

At times, my neighbours staying below my unit will greet me with cigarette smoke ascending from his balcony and I feel irritated and unhealthy with his actions.

There seems to me I can seek no solace in this case against passive smoking.

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