Friday, October 12, 2007


The grand prize of $5.5 million for the TOTO draw is shared between 2 lucky winners, each bagging about $2.75 million and they have become instant millionaires, joining the ranks of the 666 000 millionaires in Singapore.

To win the top prize, one must obtain the correct 6 numbers out of a pool of 45 numbers and that mean a staggering 8145060 possible combinations and a razor-thin 0.00000123% probability of winning.

If one is gungho enough, one can buy all the possible combinations at 50 cent each and that will be to the tune of $4,0725,30. This will definitely be foolhardy as the top prize may be shared by as many as 10 or more, thus one who adopts this tactic will definitely be at a losing edge.

People who become instant millionaires via TOTO will not succumb to this rhetoric, they just need excellent luck and they got it.

Others may rely on scientific means as they study the patterns, the combinations over many previous years and there may even be others who resort to unorthodox spiritual rituals to obtain the winning numbers ……..

Different means but they are aimed to the same lofty goals.

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