Thursday, October 11, 2007



Sleep is paramount to one’s health and well-being. However as the society progress more and more rapidly, people are generally getting busier, juggling work, family life and other commitment within the same fixed 24 hour day.

As one gets busier, sleep is even more critical, a busier person shall be getting more sleep for his body to ‘recover’ from the onslaught of the daily chores. However, this may be impossible in today’s society where the pace of life is mind-boggling, and I am talking about metropolis and cities in general, including Singapore.

Sleep is at a premium to me too and I do not sleep enough. Signs of insufficient sleep are often shown on the next working day when one yawns repeatedly and needs that constant repeated jab of caffeine from teas and coffees; however this caffeine jab does not work for me anymore.

Over time, insufficient sleep will exert adverse effects on one’s mental and physical health. The best cure is to obtain a sufficient sleep by turning into bed early; however, this is not possible for many as there is a slew of commitment to be fulfilled daily.

The next best choice will be to take quick naps over the day for the body to rest. Studies have shown a 20 min nap may do wonders to the body, erasing some of the fatigue of the tired person.

Of course, there are many others who will not be tired with just a few hours of rest per day. Some may argue that ultimately the sufficient number of hours of sleep varies from one person to another.

I am a strong advocate of sufficient and good sleep and I feel better and function better on the next working day if I had a sufficient amount of sleep the previous day. Health and sleep is inextricable in my opinion. Faced with current situation of not getting sufficient sleep, I will definitely try to take a good nap when there is a good opportunity.

Generally, with one spending a third of his life in sleep, the amount of sleep that adds up in a common man’s lifetime would be significant: 20 years or so; however sleep is a integral part of one’s life, and this applies to all animals and not confined to humans alone.

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