Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Man and Environment

Charles Darwin’s evolution theory postulates that it is not the most intelligent man who will survive, and neither the strongest, but the one who is most adapt to changes.

In this rapid changing era where change is the buzzword, man always find himself adapting to the new era. It is no longer a choice to be adaptable in this century, it is a MUST.

Technologies keep outdating itself, new knowledge is relentlessly being created, new things are always on the move. Faced with the vortex of change, man has to learn, unlearn and relearn to make sense of the changing world.

Today’s winners are learners.

But not all learners are winners, the crux depends on what things you learn.

Today’s economy is geared towards future, man has to learn about future, predict future and control future rather than being held hostage by the unknowns of the future.

Singapore is entering into an exciting era. Singapore is entering into new industries like the IRs, the biomedical fields, and imbibing new ideas into the country and experimenting with novel ideas: F1, Singapore Eye, Youth Olympics and the casinos.

The age of the old era is no longer here. The age of the iron rice bowl is no longer here. One career hinges on the competencies one develops, hencefore the importance of constant upgrading, a point stressed so often by the government.

I feel irked when people told me that the government still owes them a living. These people are trapped in their mentality and have not come to terms with the new world.

In this era, one’s future hinges on oneself.

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