Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fact of life

Life is never fair. This fact of life always holds truth to a certain degree even as society progresses.

The notion of fairness derives principally from the assumptions of our moral values that we have been inculcated since young.

Such assumptions include ‘Hard work will translate to success one day’, ‘Good character and good values will deserve good returns’ and etc.

These assumptions though may be true are constantly being challenged in these times.

For instance, the notion of ‘hard work will translate to successes may no longer be true nowadays.

Though performance counts in many companies these days and thus hard work which results in good performance will merit promotions, salary increments and the like; mergers, divestments, outsourcing constantly displace employees from their workplaces. These almost immediately reduce them to zero (being jobless), erasing off their significant achievements made to the companies over the years completely.

To these displaced employees, life is never fair.

Also in some organizations, there exists a group of people who at the tender age of youth, have already their career paths charted high and well for them. They enter into their professions on a title and package that many in the organizations would never dream to achieve in their lifetimes! Subordinates under their charges may be even more capable and experienced than this group of people, however they are sidelined. Automatically each year, without fail, this group of people will automatically rises up higher and higher in the career ladder based on the assumption that their good achievement at youth will be replicated to the end of their lifetimes! No problem if this group does minimum or nothing at all, no problem if this group erases their subordinates’ name on the cover page of their report and fill in theirs.

Readers may think that I am whining, complaining of how life is unfair down here in literature but one has to be cognizant that the phenomenon I have outlined are happening right here !

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