Friday, October 12, 2007

Appreciating the value of common objects

“It is only during crisis or losses that people usually treasure what they have.” “ It is only during difficult times that leadership ability is being tested “. These two sayings are commonly heard and the veracity of the sayings are often attested to.

These same sayings apply to common objects around us. One often finds that the objects around us have not much of a value unless one needs to use them urgently.

For example, we may possess many pens around us but many people may have to source for a pen urgently when he has to use it in an emergency situation and realizes he does not have one.

Many of these aforementioned problems can easily be solved by being ready: e.g. bringing a pen with you when you are out and bringing an umbrella to prepare for a sudden rainy weather. I observe such practices and often find it bewildered on seeing scores of people stranded in one place during a heavy rain, wasting valuable time to wait for the rain to cease, as they are unguarded with umbrellas.

Outlined in the preceding paragraphs is one situation in which people come to appreciate the value of common objects, another situation in which people grows to appreciate their value is during the dealing of emergencies.

I recalled once when I was stranded on a remote uninhabited island with a group of my friends. The island was completely cut off from the rest of the world with no means of communications. There were no houses or people, just the beach, the trees and the sea. However the island has been explored before, possibility by some diving or adventure groups as tracemarks of some drink cans and other marks of human civilization were found there.

As we were playing on the island, suddenly, the sky darkened and suddenly it pelted with heavy rain. The rain incessantly assaulted us and soon we realized that we were completely drenched and worst still we had to face the relentless onslaught of the cold wind.

Unable to hold out further the cold wind and the heavy thunderstorm, we decided to find something to cover ourselves, not wholly but at least partially to mitigate the assaults by the elements. After looking through items of what we could find of human civilization on the island and exploring alternatives, we finally found some discarded canvass sheets. Spreading out, we finally sought solace in these canvass sheets as they were perfect excellent shields against the relentless elements.

A common thing like canvas sheets, which we see commonly in tentages, can be summoned to noble use in times of emergencies or urgent use!

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