Monday, October 29, 2007


The general common perception is that experience comes with age and hence as one grows older and learns from his previous experiences and failures, he will grow to be more mature and wiser.

But this may not often be the case. From my daily interactions with people, I have observed a relatively large number of people who display a sense of maturity and wisdom which falls short of their age.

The common problem for them is their mannerism and demeanour. Some behave, talk like a child. Some enjoy fun like there is no tomorrow and do not plan for their life. Some exhibit the undesirable traits of the ‘K’s of Singaporean: Kiasu and Kiasee. Others have unhealthy mindsets.

It may also be too simplistic to associate age with maturity and wisdom. The values inculcated in the person since young, the life experiences undergone by the person and the attitude the person himself makes out of life are equally critical to shaping his character.

I cannot emphasize more strongly the point of learning. Learning can be transformational. Contrary to popular beliefs, learning is not solely from books alone. A greater part of learning is derived from the daily interaction with people. Through such interaction, one may learn valuable experiences, get insights overlooked and get motivated at times. Gradually, one will become more mature and wiser via learning.

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