Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Reported in the news not too long ago was the fact that Singapore’s population has reached a figure of 4.68 million! This number includes the close to 1 million PRs and foreigners living and working in our island.

The government has in the months before, unveiled its land use plan to cater for a possible population of 6.5 million. This created some ruckus among Singaporeans who have questioned the feasibility of accommodating this figure on our tiny island.

With the population increase, is it any wonder if I find myself being in the midst of an increasing crowd these days on the MRTs, in the shopping centres on weekends and even in my neighbourhood?

I find myself lost amidst the increasing throngs, outside of the hectic schedule of work, I need a breather. I need some place quiet, some place remote to do this …….

The place for such sacred places is getting more and more scare ………

I do know of one sacred place for to take a breather and imbibe in the natural surroundings and be completely at rest and peace with oneself momentarily.

It is Changi village beach, I think it may be last vestige of untouched urban Singapore………. and it is getting more and more crowded…………

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