Monday, September 03, 2007

Void Decks

What is a 'void deck'?

I believe this term is unique to Singapore.

Though this term may not make sense to the whole English-speaking world, this phrase is well known among Singaporeans.

But is our void deck really void? Yes, our void decks may be void, and I believe our the term 'void deck', gramatically means decks which are "without contents, empty" as defined by the dictionary.

However, our void decks are in contrast, abundant of life and full of activities!

One can just grap an insight into the whole spectrum of the life of an average Singaporean from school going children waiting for their school bus with their parents or maids, working adults rushing for work, old folks practising tai chi, school children playing soccer, students misbehaving, maids reliving their longings for their homes, old people observing the pace of life, postmen doing their work..........

Many amenities have also sprung out of void decks: from RCs, to Kindergartens, to child care centres, to karaokes, to children libraries, to provision shops and more..............

Instead of being 'void', our void decks are really bustling activity centres where Singaporeans mix , interact on a daily basis. It is the focus point, an integral part of Singaporeans. Perhaps, the relevant authorities can look into revamping the term, 'void deck' in tandem with its move to make HDB living a premium living for Singaporeans.

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