Thursday, September 13, 2007

Singapore felt the tremors

Parts of Singapore, especially the western and northern areas felt the tremors when an earthquake, measuring around 8 on the Richter Scale shook the island of Indonesia.

There were many aftershocks today and the media stations were inundated with photos, video footages of Singaporeans recording swinging household items on their cameras or camera phones.

Singapore is blessed to be curious and surprised by tremors; other nations face and have to contend with the fallouts of natural disasters such as quakes, volcanic eruptions from time to time.

Tremors become big news to Singaporeans who have never experienced the wrath of nature before.

Singaporeans have been taking nature for granted, and tremors like those experienced today and yesterday serve as grim reminders that nature can only be tamed to a certain extent and its wrath is unthinkable!

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