Monday, September 24, 2007

Impermance of life

Today, one of my colleagues in his 50s did not turn up. It was strange as he was one of the colleagues who would not fail to turn up for work, even at times when he was sick.

He was also a fit man, exercising daily, though at times, it will not be surprising that a man will fall ill at times too.

Half an hour into the start of the day, his child called the office and informed his father who was the aforementioned colleague was in ICU (Intensive Care Unit).

This news struck all the colleagues including me as we did not expect he to fall into ICU.

He would be making an early retirement next year, enjoying his pension and he had lead such a healthy life, all these signs point to a promising future and yet such things struck......

The diagnosis was the narrowing of arteries which require ballooning and he is now still under observation in the hospital. I wish him speedy recovery and hope nothing bad will happen to him.

When I reached home, a relative called to inform a distant relative of mine, in 50s had passed away due to a freak accident.....he had choked on a 'cai xin' (preserved vegetables normally sold canned in supermarket).

Life is always unexpected. One can be happy and merry one day but one will never know what will happen the next day.

The age old truism is to cherish what we have, but most of the times, we will most probably or not, grumble over insignificant things, be sad, angered at some other mild matters or issues.

It is only human nature........ man always learn to cherish something when he loses it or when he is about to lose it.

Health is the most important asset of a human being. Attitude towards life is paramount too.

Think postive, learn and make full use of life, Be sincere,loving, learn to be good, moral, respectable, loyal , fillal and discharge all responsibities to the best.

At this decade of human existence, it is easy to lose our sane, spirtual, mental side amidst the engulfing backdrop of materialism, self-centreness, indulgence, merry-making and declining morality.

I dun profess to be a saint, but at least I try not to lose my sane in this fast paced era.

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