Monday, September 03, 2007

End of Korean Hostage Crisis

The Korean hostage crisis ended peacefully with the release of the rest of the 21 Korean hostages by the Taliban.

The crisis ended amidst the backdrop of criticism from the international community, drawing protests that Korea should not have engage in direct talks with the Taliban.

There were talks that the killing of hostages was averted by the paying of a ransom, ranging from US 2 to 40 millions!

Emboldened by the results of the kidnapping, the Taliban announced it would carry out more abductings of foreigners in time to come.

Meanwhile, the Korean hostages returned to Korea, apologising to their country folks and nation for going to Afghanistan despites travel warnings issued by Korea.

Meanwhile, though Korea had made a pact with the Taliban to draw out its troops and forbid Chrisitian missionary work in Afghanistan, some Christian groups remain deviant and adamant and sought to continue their work.

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