Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Unfriendly Lift

I do not know whether it is a matter of lowest quotes which may compromise the quality of public facilities, but to I had discovered that the lift in my block suffered from very poor quality.

Last time, when I lived in the older estates, when the lift just closed, I could still press for the door to open, for my neighbours who had attempted to take the lift just before it closed. With the new design, on many days, I find myself frantically pressing the button to open the lift door for my neighbours who had rushed to take the lift. Unfortunately, the lift door refused to open and the neighbour stared at me, mistaken that I had refused to help press the door for their entry.

This small glitch of the lift could put a damper on the relationships between the residents of the whole block as misunderstandings develop and misperceptions grow.

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