Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Strong will

Today, as I was waiting for the MRT to work, i saw a young man, aged no more than 25 yrs old, also taking the MRT.

What set him apart from the rest of the regular commuters was that he was using a pair of crutches and he has only one leg!

It is obvious that he was going to work.

Can you imagine what a strong-will man he is? Despites being left with only a leg and having to commute using crutches, this young man is still trying to lead a normal life despites his handicap.

Seeing this, sometimes I feel guilty of being fussy about things here and there when in life, some people are much less fortunate than us.

It is a solemn reminder that we should treasure our lives, our health and also to help others in need.

More importantly, we should let go of some small problems and realise we are happy and fortunate.

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