Saturday, August 11, 2007


Different people exist in the world.

The thinking and mindset of people shape their actions. This thinking is affected by experience, education, family upbringing.

I was shocked to see some people, though in their fifties still act like a child. Others act in a very demanding and selfish, greedy and arrogant manner. Nothing satisfies them, they want MORE of everything.....and when there is any goodie, they want more and think the whole world owes them a living.

Though the material life of Singaporeans is on the upside, their spiritual front is still lacking. True enough, there are 666 000 millionaires in Singapore, but how many of them are millionaires in heartware?

Singaporeans lead a fast life and also their lives they lead are increasingly influenced by the West.

It is sad to see falling moral values among Singaporeans, including young teens.

There are so much ungracious acts committed by Singaporeans in everyday life.

Littering is always a perennial issue. Bus misconduct is always happening. Singaporeans are always greedy and flock to JB to shop amidst some crimes conducted over the causeway.

Singapore prides itself on economic success but unfortunately the fallout amidst this successful economic background is some social problems, which may not be serious but are always there ........

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