Sunday, August 12, 2007

Singapore TV shows

The content of Singapore's TV shows is getting from bad to worse.
Just see the variety shows that we have now on Monday by Jack Neo. In this variety show, an obese woman is featured every week to be made joke of, being called 'pigs' and other stupid names.
I pity the obese gal who willingly takes up such a role to be ridiculated in front of all Singaporeans. She has no sense of pride at all, and to think the producers of this variety show resorts to such a low class humour, to appease and make Singaporeans laugh. If Singaporeans still laugh at such low class jokes, then we are indeed fools both mentally and for paying to watch such low-class jokes and to have our mentality insulted.
I have just watched a snippet of a variety show just now around 2130 hours on Channel 8 today at 12 Aug 2007. I watched how a gal, a willing partner subjected herself to have her hair cut by Quan Yifeng, one of the hosts of this show (title of this show, i dun bother to find out, if you want, you can find out yourself).
I find the format of this show akin to that of Taiwan vareity shows where the main form of entertainment is ragging. Why should Singapore variety shows go the way of Taiwanese shows? There is absolutely no variety, no innovation at all, for the show producers to resort to ragging audience, or participants or to show some flesh parades at times, it is very naive for the producers of the shows to believe Singaporeans will find all these 'novelties' interesting and funny.
On the drama front, just watch what Channel 8 is broadcasting nowadays. It is all about scolding, quarreling, relationships within an extended family, domestic problems, relationship problems, all which make one irritated upon watching after a hard day at work. Those actors' acting skills are still long way to go compared to their Hong Kong counterparts. What is Alvin Ng's the uprising star's acting? I do not consider him as an actor at all. TCS just want to place some peronality of some good looks to capture a good audience but all they are just lookers and not really actors.
Talent shows these days are just profit-driven. Dozens of talent hunting shows involve the audience to pay to support their favorite participant of the shows via smses. Wasting time and money for these audience translate to bigger coffers for the producers. It is always so coincidence to see a popular participant to be suddenly voted off and in the revival round, the many supporters call, sms even more to put him back into the competition again.
I do not watch Channel 8 or U drama or variety shows. These shows just waste valuable time due to the low innovation, low quality that these shows project.
Suggest all, if you want to see what is a good show, turn to Hong Kong dramas.

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