Sunday, August 26, 2007

Singapore Bay Run

How time flies! Today, the Sheares Bridge Run comes once again! Similar to previous years, I participated in this year’s run, which has been billed as the Singapore Bay Run to reflect the increasing strategic positioning of the Marina Bay to Singapore. In Marina Bay, one has the upcoming IRs, the Singapore Flyer and the Floating Platform which will be slated to stage key local and international events. Mentioning the Floating Platform, this year’s run will end at the platform for all categories! It is thus a different experience with a different finishing point. Last year’s finishing point was at the Padang. I participated in the 6km run, not that I do not have the stamina to tackle longer distances (in fact I am a long distance runner), but I just want to enjoy the scenery, the festive mood along the whole running route. More important is the feeling of running on busy roads in the CBD (how many times in a year can one do that?). This year’s event was better arranged as promised by the organizers last year, with more lanes closed for running. Also the festive mood kicks in with students playing the drums and performing music as well as dragon dancing to cheer the running enthusiasts. For many people, the destination is always more important than the process. As I grow older, I begin to realise that the process is more important than the destination. As such, these days, I begin to learn to enjoy the process of doing things; one may actually learn more during the process.

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