Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mask of work

One spends the major portion of his time in work.

Thus if he is not happy in work, he will most likely be unhappy in his life.

Indeed, in work, one can seldom be happy, due to office politics, unreasonable bosses, terrible colleagues. .......

Cultivating a good relationship whenever possible with colleagues is important to have a happier work life.

This happier work life will lead to a happier life.

To achieve that, many people may wear a mask when working, humouring all their boss and colleagues.

When work is over, they return home, and take off their mask to assume their other family roles.

Sometimes we read how people are so stressed at work but do not voice out and when they return home, they release their pent-up anger, abusing and/or scolding their servants, children and wife.

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