Thursday, August 23, 2007

An Economic Pursuit Indulge?

Singapore is determined to host the Youth Olympics in 2010. According to MCYS, it is hoped that through the hosting of the Olympics, the local youth sport arena can be revived and our youth will be inspired to take part and excel in sports.

On a personal note, I believe we do not really need the organization of such a mega-event to revive interest and spur our youth to participate and excel in sports. There are many ways to galvanize our youth towards sports that we can explore collectively.

Of late, Singapore is headed towards economic pursuits such as the clinching of events such as the F1 tournament slated to commence end of this year. Even the building of tourist attractions such as the Fly Wheel, the IRs, the new Botanic Gardens and the development of Marina Bay smacks of economical factors. These developments no doubt may become nice places of attractions for locals to hang out with. However have these developments really factor in what Singaporeans really want?

The historic National Stadium will be slated to be torn down soon to make way for a new National Sports hub. Along with the demolition of the Stadium, the scenic restaurants in the vicinity will face the same fate.

Singapore seems to be building places of interests in this era for the sake of attracting tourists’ money, investments and for economic purposes. Do Singaporeans really want and like these modern places of interest?

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