Friday, August 10, 2007

Can pictures tell a hundred words?

With 3G, video and camera phones now the norm in today’s society, news broadcasting has also taken on a different dimension.

STOMP is one such innovative channel of news generation and broadcasting. With STOMP, everyone with a 3G, video or camera phone or digital phone can be reporters, news generators, with the videos or images taken to supplement their ‘news’.

A visit to the STOMP website and one will be baffled by the hundreds of news reported by ordinary folks with pictures and videos to substantiate their stories.

These stories can however be deceptive and there is no one to confirm the veracity of the stories.

A picture can be interpreted by the ‘reporter’ in different ways subject to his own bias and perceptions.

For example, a man telling off an old man who is a bully may have his photo taken and interpreted by the reporter as bullying an old man and uploaded to the cyber world and the distorted view soon disseminates ………

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