Saturday, July 21, 2007


I ran for 1 hr 15 min from my home to Pasir Ris Park today as the weather is cool.

Running is my hobby and it is a healthy hobby. With the Sheares Bridge Run coming up, I train even harder.

Talking about Sheares Bridge Run, this year, the run is retermed as the Singapore Bay Run to better capture the essence of Marina Bay. Marina Bay is in the limelight this year as the most celebrated event in this island: the National Day Parade will be held for the first time on a floating platform in Marina Bay this year. This was due to the demolishing of the National Stadium to make way for the construction of a sports hub.

Sheares Bridge Run is one event where Singaporeans can come together for a competitve run or leisure jog. When can Singaporeans run on roads in the city at other times besides this great event?

Running nourishes the mind and body, and it relaxes my mind. Problems seem so minute during the jog or is it that i have forgotten these problems?

When the run ended, I was jolted back to reality, a reality where problems exist and are to be solved.

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