Sunday, July 29, 2007

Health Surveys

This week, while turning the pages of the newspapers, I began to see more and more companies putting advertisement on the newspapers to recruit healthy participants to take part in health surveys.

As part of the surveys, the volunteers are required to take medicines orally, undergo blood test, x-rays and other tests.

Results of the checkup will be provided free to the participants and monetary renumeration will be given to participants.

Well, effects of drugs differ according to different persons. It is a risk to participants if they take some of these drugs during the survey trials and damage their health.

Damage to their health may be impermanent or if there are no damages, there may be side effects.

Health is most important, for me I will definitely not go for such surveys for the sake of earning few bucks more as health is priceless.

There may be little or non side effects as assured by the companies, but who knows?

If side-effects occur, who will take up the responsibility?

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