Monday, July 23, 2007


Singapore bus commuters seem to be getting worse and worse with their antics nowadays.

Let me summarise some of these antics I encounter daily:

1) Failure to move into the rear of the bus where there is so much space available, causing some passengers to be unable to take the bus as the bus driver refuses to open the door to pack in more passengers in the 'overfilled' bus. These passengers are denied a place in the bus and may be late for work.

2) When moving down from the upper decker of the bus as the bus nears the bus stop, you walk on the upper decker to the stairs, preparing to proceed to the lower deck when you discover passengers standing and blocking the passageway, thus making you stand on the upper deck, waiting for them to move !

3) Loud music from handphones, laptops, MTVs.

4) Loud chattering and shouting from groups of students.

5) Sometimes as the queue from the queueline in the interchange fills up the bus, at a certain point, you find the passengers in front of you stop moving as they do not want to take the already filled bus to be left standing throughout the journey. The bus then leaves, thinking that there are no passengers interested to take the bus and you are in a dilemna as you do not know how to struggle againsts the dozens of stationary bodies in front of you to rush to the bus before it moves off mistaken that there are no more passengers for the bus.

On a different front, sometimes the mob TV volume is far too loud, creating noises and disturbing passengers taking a nap.

The ceiling in the bus is also short, causing tall passengers to bend their heads, causing potential injury.

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