Sunday, July 07, 2013


Yesterday night, I tasted what could be the WORST RAMEN in Singapore. I would not be naming the name of the Ramen stall but what I would say is that I tasted this ramen of a popular ramen chain in Singapore at a food court in a high class shopping centre visited by many tourists. The first sign of poor experience to come was when I ordered a $8 ramen. When I told one of the two service staff (they do not look like Singaporeans) that I would like to place an order for the ramen, the service staff did not even want to take a look at me and ignored me. It was only after 5 minutes that he decided to take my order. From their body languages and their expression, I could see these two service staff were very frustrated with working in the stall.

What shocked me next was when the customer in front of me asked the service staff whether a bowl of ramen they dished out was his, the service staff replied that he did not know. The customer (I think he is a tourist) had no other choice but to just accept “his bowl’. He had to ask the service staff why there was no vegetables in his bowl as indicated by the pictures fronting the stall. The service staff asked what kind of vegetables he wanted (I was so shocked as the service staff should have known better!). The customer replied that the service staff should know and to that the service staff took out a box and perfunctorily dished out some kind of stuff as vegetables into his bowl of Ramen. When my Ramen came, I had no choice to taste this Ramen with just a piece of meat, very little noodles and of a standard far below that of its other restaurants across Singapore. I will not patronise this Ramen stall again and I am now also thinking twice about visiting its many restaurants in Singapore as the service I encountered yesterday night was ridiculous! It does not matter to me as I am just a “lesser mortal” in Singapore but I believe tourists to Singapore will leave with a very unpleasant impression of Singapore and of its service quality if they patronise this Ramen food stall!

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