Thursday, July 04, 2013

Singapore’s Five Stars MRT System

Ever since the authorities implemented the Travel Early Discount scheme, I see the benefits to the group of commuters who travel after 7.45 am which I am a part of. I experience lesser congestion in the MRT trains and this little experience is something I enjoy from our MRT system after a very long time. Singaporeans are used to the long waiting times of our MRT trains, the congestion inside the trains and the delays but there seems to be some improvements made in these aspects.

Our land transport bodies have new bosses since the leadership of former Transport Minister Raymond Lim and former SMRT’s chief, Saw Phaik Hwa in Minister Lui Tuck Yew (a former Two Stars Rear Admiral) and SMRT’s CEO Desmond Kuek (a former Three Stars Lieutenant General). Combined the number of Stars on their shoulders, we have a Five Stars MRT System in Singapore.

But I do not want a Five Stars MRT System for Singapore only in name. I want to see a high quality of MRT services that commensurate with the very high salaries tax payers contribute to these two former Administrative Service Officers (AOs) before. It is interesting to see whether Desmond can turn around SMRT with his recent hires of top Military men or former Military men. I have always emphasized this point of benchmarking our land transport system with Hong Kong’s as Hong Kong’s land transport and MRT is really world-class; this I can say with my experience during my tour there. The MRT system in Hong Kong is not only efficient but it is also very relaxing for commuters with all the great and cool music provided in their transport hubs or exchanges. Singapore is already such a stressful place that should SMRT plays some cool soft music in its station, it will be very welcome!

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