Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dynasty Reit IPO Stock: to buy or not?

Dynasty Reit IPO is opening for application, to buy or not to buy? Dynasty Reit, a Reit by Asia’s richest man, Li Ka-Shing and a Reit denominated in Yuan or Renminbi (with a parallel counter in SGD), and a first for SGX. There is a lot of hype about Dynasty Reit IPO in view of the above, Yuan-denomination, big names like Li Ka-Shing, etc.

With Dynasty Reit, I could not help but think of Hutchison Port Holdings (HPH) Trust, a business trust which made headline one or two years ago with the same big name of Li Ka-Shing and the nature of the port container business. HPH is also a Trust denominated in USD until the recent setup of a SGD parallel counter. Amidst all the hype, I bought HPH IPO at USD 1.06 (at today’s forex rate) and till today, this counter is still below this IPO price If you want to ask me whether I will buy Dynasty Reit, I have to tell you my memories, memories of HPH IPO are still strong.

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