Thursday, October 25, 2012

Contentment with Life

This afternoon, my friend and I met up with a lady who had just recovered from a 3rd stage Leukaemia. The lady appeared weak and her hair was thin, obviously from the many rounds of chemotherapy she has undergone.

The lady shared with us that she experienced no symptoms before she realized that she has contracted a 3rd stage Leukaemia upon a health check.

After her sharing, I am not sure whether I just want to be contented with life and stop to fuss about my career which is not making any headway as a result of system, people and office politics despite putting in a lot of efforts throughout these many years. As a result, inevidently I do not have morale at work and perform less than good standard of work recently.

However, today, I seem to have regain my morale once again, not sure whether it has to do with the listening of the lady’s story. I will be contented for what I have. I will forget about those people who step in and sit high up in the career rung easily doing nothing much but getting such a large pay every month. 

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