Friday, March 02, 2012

Adminstrative Service Officers and top civil servants salaries to be reviewed

Some days ago, I have written a post regarding the super-high salaries the top civil servants in the elite Adminstrative Service draw, which I think should be cut as a result of a civil service which is not too well managed -recently-by these so called elite adminstrative officers consisting of chairmans of statutory boards, permanent and deputy secretaries and senior directories of large ministries who are leaders in our civil service.

Teo Chee Hean has tasked Permanent Secretary Yong Ying I, daughter of ex Chief of Justice, Yong Pung How to review the salaries of these top civil servants. However a review can go either way, who knows the salaries of these top mandarins can be increased further too!

Based on 2008 salaries, a Senior Permanent Secretary on MR4 can earn a total of $1.94 million a year. With the recent revision to a MR4 minister pay, a Senior Permanent Secretary pay can be higher that of a MR4 minister currently.

The salaries of these Permanent Secretaries can be quite astronomical to many SIngaporeans but some private sector honchos or specialists can earn multiples more. For example, today, I just read how Susan Lim, a surgeon fighting a high profile lawsuit in Singapore has just sold her Sentosa cove bungalow at a whopping $39 million to an Indian in the energy sector!

$39 million for a house! I do not know whether I can even make $1 million in my lifetime!

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