Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What is “ Ponding”? PUB CEO should apologize to public

After “lesser mortal”, now another Singapore (or rather PUB) invented term which will probably go into the Guinness Book of Singapore English Record  is “Ponding”. So what exactly is Ponding as reported in the newspapers when PUB said the flash flood at Liat Towers late December was not a flood but Ponding?  Beats me I do not know. Even Vivian in parliament yesterday said that PUB should call a spade a spade rather than called the flood in Liat Towers a “ponding”. Hence we should ask PUB what is ponding.
I find that PUB is the worst public agency with the worst public communication after SMRT when it tried to use some strange term like Ponding as this is very confusing for Singaporeans who already experienced so much floodings after PUB fails to contain them. Not having done a good job to contain floods, PUB now invented this term “ponding” and offered this explanation to the public. I find this a little bit too much. I think PUB should apologize. In my opinion, I think the new PUB CEO who has taken office late last year should step up his learning curve to distinguish what is ponding and what is flood or rather explain what is ponding and not to give this strange term to Singaporeans any more. Hence following Vivian’s explanation in parliament yesterday, PUB CEO should apologize to Singaporeans for the use of word “ponding”.

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