Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Salaries of Prime Minister, Ministers and political office holders

The new salaries of political appointment holders were announced today. I believe the new salaries were not much different from the previous salaries. Ministers of Singapore are still multi-millionaires and should still be the highest paid in the world among their counterparts.
I was thinking that a more reasonable salary accorded to a political appointment holder should be in the salary bracket of $700,000 to $900,000 per year. The benchmarking of the revised political salaries to the salaries of top earners was still carried out in this latest revision of political salaries though less closely pegged. I believe this benchmarking is not too fair: a Minister is not a CEO of a profit-driven company; a Minister’s job is to deliver good public service and strong economy and good society through his leadership of his civil servants. Hence I think $900,000 (almost $2,500 a day which is equal to the monthly pay of a majority of Singaporeans) should be more reasonable. Like what a commuter said, despites the fact that we pay the Ministers Millions of Singapore Dollars, the MRT trains are still overcrowded and there are still breakdowns!

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