Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Super Hot weather: Raining at last!

Since Sunday, the weather has been unusually hot. I was sweating all the time. The working class executives were all doing the same thing while on MRT platforms: wiping their beads of perspiration with their tissues or handkerchiefs.
During the General Election period, Singaporeans were all enraptured in the heat of the election battle. After the election, Singaporeans were embroiled in the tropical heat. The heat was especially uncomfortable and besides this uncomfort, there are also more mosquitoes: I suffer quite a number of bites! Having to switch on my air-conditioner for the past few nights will also see my electricity bills head north, amidst the rising cost of electricity.
I hate the heat in Singapore. I hate the heat as it is humidity heat unlike the heat in other countries where the weather is relatively dry and one will not be able to sweat too much.
I guess the heat is due to the nearing to June, the traditionally hot season for Singapore. This further reminds me that almost half a year will be gone in a twinkling of an eye and the need to embrace time and make full use of it!

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