Sunday, March 13, 2011

Japan Earthquake: Like a Science Fiction Horror Plot!

Amidst the aftermath of the Japanese earthquake, the Japanese authorities are busy controlling the radioactive leakage from the nuclear plants impacted by the earthquakes. To me, this latest episode of one of the nature's greatest destructions is like a scene straight from a horror science fiction plot: earthquakes sparking tsunamis, nuclear plants explosion, infernos, floods, devastations of human and properties everywhere, volcanoes and more!

Even till the advent of this 21st century, the oceans remain mysterious to humans as they are not well explored! The great oceans host many creatures which may not be known to man still. With forces as immense as the earthquakes jolting Japan last Friday, it is not suprising that some of the strangest creatures residing in the great depths of the oceans can be thrown onto the earth like what we have discovered during the great Indonesian Tsunamis some years back.

What I am afraid is that the immense tectonic forces may bring to earth some of the immense sea creatures residing in the deepest of oceans, then it will be disaster for human beings as man battle to fight the King Kong of the ocean.

Maybe I think too much.

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