Sunday, January 16, 2011


It has been some time since I last dined in the airport. I like to go airport as it is a stress buster to me with its tranquil environment.

I face some stress in work. Apart from the heavy workload, I face some sabotage at work by colleagues.

Do you know? I have been sabotage "sabo" ten times by my colleagues. I count the times I have been sabo(ed).. sabo one, sabo two, sabo three.... sabo ten!  After counting sabo ten, I found myself right infront of a brand new restaurant called which so represents my saboing ten times in terminal one! Wow, so coincidence is the wording! I thought it would be good to dine in at this restaurant and who knows, I may change my luck! I sat in one part of the restaurant and looked around at the other customers, I wonder whether they have been saboed by their colleagues too. I ordered my food to the waiter and after taking the order, I called the waiter back. The waiter looked at me and I told him "Do not sabo me okie!"

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