Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Customer Centric Initiative by Changi Airport

Recently, Changi Airport has rolled out a slew of instant customer feedback machines, whereby visitors to toilets can rate the performance of the toilet cleaner instantly via a touchscreen situated at the entrance of the toilet with the following options: “Poor’, “Satisfactory”, “Good” or “Excellent”. While this can be a good move, I believe the system is prone to abuses.

With the cleaner being inside the toilet most of the time, what if the cleaner decides to reward himself and presses the “Excellent”option repeatedly? What if a child or a nasty user plays prank and keeps pressing the “Excellent” or “Poor” rating? The results of the customer feedback would be twisted. A nasty toilet user can also threaten the cleaner with a poor score (if the cleaner is in the toilet) unless he does something that he or she wants.

I think we need to ask whether these instant customer feedback machines which offer convenience for users to rate service quality give accurate survey results.

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