Saturday, October 02, 2010

BMT Graduation Parade held at Marina Bay Floating Platform for first time

This morning, I attended the first ever BMTC graduation parade held at the Marina Bay floating platform. The newly-minted privates have marched a whopping 24 km from Pasir Ris at the far east of Singapore, via Changi and East Coast Park to arrive at the Marina Bay floating platform in a span of 7 hours since yesterday 8pm.

Back in my days, my 24 km route march was confined to the island of Pulau Tekong and the post out parade (POP) was not held back to back after the 24 km milestone route-march. My march then was held from early morning all the way to the late evening and hence I did not enjoy the coolness of the night march that these newly minted recruits have undergone.

Despite receiving invitation cards, I was surprised that there was no screening at the entrance of the parade, neither were there any verification. I was surprised to see two foreigners who were jogging enter the parade and enjoy the graduation parade too as part of the audience.

The early morning sun was blazing relentlessly. As my wife and I entered, we were greeted by the thousands of newly minted privates (or should I say graduating recruits) greeting us at the floating platform. The Guest of Honour was Chief of Army, Major-General Chan Chun Sing and the reviewing officer was Chairman of the Governmental Parliamentary committee of Defence, Mr Michael Palmer. What followed was like a mini-NDP: with the recruits marched past, speech by the reviewing officer and the ceremonial ‘throwing’ of the recruits’ jockey caps!

My wife and I had just witnessed Singapore’s first ever Basic Military Training Centre (BMTC) graduation ceremony right here at the Marina Bay Floating platform, witnessing the transformation of recruits into privates. Shouldered on them is the important mission of protecting our homeland, the significant key icons in the Marina Bay and city which they witnessed right here on the floating platform.

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