Monday, March 29, 2010

Kite flying in Singapore

As featured in The Sunday Times yesterday, kite flying, as a hobby is witnessing a revival in Singapore and this phenomenon of Singaporeans ‘taking to the skies’ flying kites looks set to grow with more and more public places becoming popular kite flying destinations for both amateur and professional kite flyers here.

Why has kite flying seen a revival in Singapore? I believe the rekindling of the interest in kite flying exemplifies how much Singaporeans love to break out from the mundane shell of digital and internet activities, games and pastimes offered by the plethora of internet technologies. Kite flying offers an attractive option of reverting to the good old days of kampong-spirited social activities, where simple pleasures can be derived without the need of sophiscated technology, take for example, kite flying: all you need is a kite and you will be able to spend hours and hours of your time in pure great fun!

New ‘breeding grounds’ for kite-flying enthusiasts have sprung up in fields off Punggol, Sengkang, parks such as East Coast Park but the No.1 spot for kite flying here in Singapore goes unanimously to the Marina Barrage rooftop!

Much hype has been generated around Marina Barrage as a self-sustaining reservoir and a reservoir for the community. However, I believe that that even the planners are surprised that the reservoir has now garnered a reputation as a good destination for kite flying! To a certain extent, Marina Barrage helps bring back kite-flying to Singapore, with its show-stopping scenery and the strong and powerful winds!

Last Saturday, my wife and I saw for ourselves how Marina Barrage was stormed by an army of kite enthusiast as we made our maiden visit there to fly our own kites!

(to be continued, so stay tuned!)

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