Monday, March 29, 2010

38 killed in twin blasts on Moscow metro

Today, 37 were killed in twin blasts in Moscow metro

After the terrible terrorist attack now known as ‘911’, security guards are deployed at all MRT stations to screen for potential terrorists. I always have a lingering thought as to whether these personnel are well-equipped to deter aggressors? Most of these security guards are old men and ladies, or at the very best, middle-aged men and women. They do not seem to be very fit with a number of them being obese. On some occasions, I even noticed once or twice some of these personnel checking their handphones or talking on phones though the situation has now improved.

I notice everyday how one security guard at my boarding station would only stop passengers lugging briefcases for checks. This is rather an old-fashioned concept of terrorism that bombs are bulky and they can only be placed in briefcases. These days, terrorists are thinking of the most creative and insidious way to wreck as much damage as possible to their targets.

Homefront security is never easy. If you buy a HDB flat, buy a condominium or buy a big bungalow, you can protect your house with a big lock and few big dogs. However for our country, protecting every nook and corner of public places is no mean feat.

I think our policemen should go around patrolling our residential estates on foot more like their counterparts in Hong Kong. I seldom see our policemen patrolling on foot these days, though once a while, I do spot a police car doing patrols but that’s all.

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