Thursday, February 11, 2010

What has hair loss got to do with Chinese New Year?

With Chinese New Year arriving in just 3 days' time and all the festive mood of Chinese New year reving up and culminating in a sky-high (literally and figuratively) midnight of fireworks and firecrackers this Sunday 14 Feb 10, it seems completely irrelevant and daft (learnt this word recently from the news!) on how hair loss should come into picture at all on this festive season !

However, this relevancy is not all lost during Chinese New Year, let me tell you why.

One or two weeks before Chinese New Year: Spring Cleaning:

First of all, as we know, stress does play a factor in inducing hair loss. With the hustle and bustle of Chinese New Year, many of us, already busy with work and life, have to find time off our hectic schedule to clear our houses and do spring cleaning for that big day of the Chinese lunar year! The stress (of finding time and clearing the houses) can shed some of your precious strands of hair!

One or two days before Chinese New Year: Ang Baos:

Secondly, for those married couples, another whammy to their precious locks of hair: ang baos (red packets)! It is customary for married couples to give red packets to their juniors when it comes to Chinese New Year. With economy just on the mend, whatever money that could be saved is a bonus. Having to come out, fork out, cough out (select any of these terms depending on your circumstances) in preparing the ang baos can add to the stress of Chinese New Year and your hair loss!

During Chinese New Year: Questions

Chinese New Year is one of the very few occasions where families, friends and relatives get together. With Singaporeans hard at work, busy with family commitments, it can be more rare for more regular gatherings of family and relatives these days. Thus on these days of Chinese New Year, where families go around visiting friends, all these oft-asked questions which have long become clich├ęs will be heard once again. Hearing questions like “Are you married?”, “What are you working as”, “How is your children’s results?” ….and more will cause more stress and induce more hair strands to fall.

One last special question

To add to the whole slew of aforementioned questions that would be asked during Chinese New Year, this question is more targeted towards hair loss suffers: “What happens to your hair?” Friends and relatives who have not seen the hair loss sufferers for a year or so may be prompted to ask this!

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