Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Yan Junru

Barely two weeks after Cheryl Tan Qiwei, a student from the National Technological University (NTU) has committed suicide by plunging to her death from her 24th storey flat, another 21-year old student, Ms Yan Junru has also took the same route to end her life!

What a bad piece of news to have hit NTU these years! Last year, we have the infamous David Widjaja also a student from NTU, stabbing his Professor and plunging to his death (committing suicide), then we had another Assistant Professor from the same institution and faculty (Engineering) committing suicide shortly after David Wijaja's death. It turned ouyt Yan Jinru was also from Engineering! I did not know whether Cheryl Tan Qiwei was also from Engineering too.

Many have pointed finger saying that it is study stress which led to the rampant suicides of young undergraduates these days. Is NTU, in particular, NUS so pressurizing? I do not know though some of my friends who been through NTU found it was super pressurizing than the other universities.

If one can cite exam stress, one may also cite that all these tragedies may be linked to ghostly causes too.

Some others said that suicide has now become a trend in Singapore. It has become an easy way out for teenagers to solve their problems. A young couple, a man and a lady, both students had also committed suicide few months earlier to solve their problems: the lady has committed theft and the man has committeed sex with a minor. Both of them plunged off from their apartments, leaving behind the written causes for their deaths.

Indeed, an increasing suicide of young folks in Singapore has emerged! In my belief, these young folks who chose to end their lives to escape from reality are really irresponsible! They owe a great deal to their parents for their time, effort and money bringing them up from infant, to child to adult. Their sufferings may end with their suicides but they left behind a legacy of misery to their bereaving families.

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