Monday, January 04, 2010

Wendy’s Singapore

On the eve of New Year 2010, my wife and I finally visited Wendy’s Singapore! Yes, the restaurant which has returned to Singapore after slightly more than a decade (read my earlier post).

After navigating through the Lau Pa Sat hawker centre, with a hawker tout hot and persistent on our trail, we managed to locate the fast food restaurant, nestled at a remote corner outside the hawker centre. Business was brisk at the restaurant with hardly any seat in sight for my wife and I. However, soon we managed to clinch a seat for two.

The counter sale staff were a bit slow in their operation, and hence it took some waiting time to secure our ordering. I believe it was understandable as Wendy’s has just commenced operation.

I ordered the signature triple-patty (3 quarter pound) burger meal and a chicken burger set for my wife. The triple-patty burger was super shiok! The beef were grilled so that they were succulent and melted in my mouth! Oh, my wife and I love Wendy’s! The Kopitiam Group will put some 50 over Wendy’s in Singapore. I wish there would be one Wendy’s near my house too. Hehe!

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