Friday, January 29, 2010

Singapore Air Show 2010

Singapore Air Show 2010 will be here again! Members of the public who would like to catch the stunning aerial displays would be able to do so on 6 and 7 Feb, which is next weekends!

I have been to the Air Show two years back. There was a long queue of visitors to the show and the clearance process into the exhibition venue was slow, due to the security screening. If you are heading for the show, do bring along your umbrellas for most likely, you would be standing under the hot sun for sometime before entry.

Anyway, the wait would be okay for how often can members of the public enter into an airbase and be up, close and personal with the slew of aircraft on display?

However, I found it a tad sad that the audio advertising of the event at MRT stations is just in the format of the "John Little Sales" ! The script as well as the narrator are almost similar and for once I thought another John Little Sales is on coming! The organizers could have afforded a better advertising message since it has already invested so much in the show.

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