Friday, January 15, 2010

Return your trays please

The Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) has launched a new movement yesterday to remind diners to clear their leftovers and return their trays once they have done with their meals. SKM has partnered with fast food joints here for its latest movement.

Though Singapore has now become one of the top global cities, it is really a shame that this movement has to be institutionized. Clearly, kindness, social graciousness and courtesy for others are rare traits in Singaporeans. Despites years of campaigns and educations, social graciousness has not really sink into Singaporeans and one can still witness acts of ungracious social behaviors taking centrestage each day: littering, no giving up of seats to elderly in trains, spitting among others.

I believe Singaporeans’ way of living are hard to change. This is basically the reason why the ‘Bring your own bag’ day are not successful too.

One day, if all Singaporeans return their trays after partaking of food and never litter, we will make for a truly gracious society, however the axe will also fall on the cleaners and officers who issue summons!

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