Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Planet Google by Randall Stross

These days, I am reading a second book related to Google, it is titled "Planet Google" by Randall Stross. This book is right on the heel of the first Google book I read "What would Google do?" by Jeff Jarvis.

I have always been fascinated by Google. Like it or not, Google has revolutionised the internet world with its bold ambition to organize the world's information and knowledge.

In "What would Google do?", I was taken on a ride of a brief introduction of Google's philosophy before being led into the bulk of the book which devotes many chapters on how each industry in the world would look like if Google is to rule it.

In this book I am currently reading, author Randall Stross explained real in depth on how Google, founded by Sergey and Page, rose from a small startup to one of the most influential, if not the most influential company in the world.

Today, I read how Microsoft and Yahoo has not thought much of Google in the past. Do you know that Yahoo outsourced its search engine services to Google as Google has offered the lowest bid? Google in turn uses the increased searches coming from Yahoo to turn quantity into improving the quality of its search engine algorithm. Soon, Google's search services become the world's leading and it was too late for Yahoo then as it frantically stopped using Google's search services and resorted to using its own.

I must really applaud Google for having a team of the most brilliant IT programmers and engineers around. Their algorithm: indexing and crawling the billions of webpages on the limitless internet is so amazing. Their huge databases of millions of servers are not open to anyone as it is a competitive advantage! Stay tuned to my blog as I bring you more from this book!

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