Sunday, October 18, 2009

Singapore Steamboat

It does not take a rocket scientist to ascertain what I have for dinner with my wife yesterday from the photos below. Steamboat buffets! Yummy!

Taking about steamboat buffets, the cluster of steamboat buffet restaurants have already shifted some years ago from their enclave in Marina Bay to the swathe of land stretching from Kallang, Lavender and Bugis. This is due to the make-over plans for Marina Bay as it becomes transformed into the next financial district with the Integrated Resorts, 2nd Botanic Gardens and other impressive buildings and offices in the pipeline. Gone were the days when one could fly kites in Marina Bay before tucking into a piping hot steamboat dinner, coupled with iced-red bean ice-creams and then go bowling at Marina Superbowl. Fast forward to the current year, Marina Bay is now a hotbed (figuratively and literally.. literally as in being too hot) as tower cranes, wheelbarrows, heavy trucks ceaselessly work to transform the area into a next world-class icon.

Wow, that was so long time ago when I went Marina Bay for a steamboat dinner (nostalgia starts to seep in), nevertheless, yesterday dinner was Millions of time much Sweeter as I tucked into a piping hot buffet steamboat dinner with my wife at Happy Pay Steamboat Restaurant (which is often called 'Tian Tian" steamboat restaurant) just behind Bugis Junction.

My Dear and I have tried a steamboat buffet at Geylang before last year (you can search for that post within this blog too). The soup base then was quite salty which left us thristy hours after consumption. But Happy Pay restaurant serves soup which is just right and my wife and I happily chose this steamboat restaurant among a slew of others in Bugis as there was quite some publicity media buzz on TV about this restaurant before and we were being sold.

The photo below shows our steamboat buffet at the commencement of our sumptuous meal.

Some of the delicious food before they are cooked.

Hotdogs, fishballs and more!

My Dear and I paid $2 more each to have BBQ on top of the basic steamboat deal, but it was worth it as there were so many types of meat including crabs for consumption. Free flows of drinks like coke, pepsi is also available!

The price for each person is $20 with the combination of steamboat and BBQ, which is not a bad price. It is really a hearty moment to indulge in Great food with my wife here in Singapore. Singapore is really about shopping and food to many loh, plus nature I shall like to put.

If you are a foreigner intending to pay your maiden visit to Singapore, I would like to encourage you to try a steamboat meal here apart from your hawker centre hopping. The experience will be very rewarding!

Many Thanks for reading my blog post, I hope it does not make your stomach growl now.. hehe.

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