Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Singapore Exercise

At first glance, today's blog topic seems to be a little bit weird. Singapore Exercise? What does that mean? Is it an exercise by the Health Promotion Board to engage Singaporeans towards a healthier exercise? The answer is No, this term is nothing but a term coined by me for an exercise that should be carried out by all Singaporeans, and if not, people the world over.

This is a very meaningful exercise which I have taken during one of the workshops that I attended which will make you reflect on life and more. To do this exercise, you would need just 15 minutes all to yourself and preferably do it during the day.

Do you have all the above 2 prerequisites ready to take this exercise? If yes, give yourself a pat on your back, you are on your way to find out more about life and more.

Okay, now with time on yourself, go out of your house, ya, I mean literally. For the 90% of Singaporeans who live in HDB flats like me, just leave your house, go down to your void deck and wander around in the neighbourhood.

Once you have done that, pick an object which you find most appealing. It can be something like nature: which is a rock, it could be an ant, it could be the fluffy clouds high in the sky, it can be a moving bus, in fact, it can be anything, but that something must appeal to you, i.e there is an essence or an aura about the object you choose which you find interesting.

Okay with the object you have chosen, the next part would be to write a simple poem about it. At this juncture, you may exclaimed "I am no poet!" Do not worry, the exercise is not intended for you to write very poetic rhymes, it can be something prosaic though one must definitely exercise truth and your opinion about how you feel about the thing you choose. One final instruction for this exercise is to use the word "You" to describe the object as though it is a living object.

Got it? Now, for me, I have chosen clouds, and these are my verses:

"You are versatile and every changing"

"You can life to many (in the sense that it gives water)"

"You can be beautiful or dull"

Have you written yours?

Now after completing this exercise, you may ask, "So whats the heck? What is so Great about this whole affair?". Before you start to condemn this exercise and close off my blog post and start cursing me for wasting your time, I want to challenge you to really do this exercise before I give you the final instructions in my upcoming blog posts!

For those who have completed and are so eager to find out this last instruction and do not want to wait for my next post on this topic, drop me an email and I give you the final instruction, you will be amazed at this simple exercise.

Trust me, I have done this exercise and it is really the best exercise I have done.

Really hope you can do this exercise and seeing your email soon!

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