Saturday, October 31, 2009

PSLE 2009 Maths Question

Not able to sleep, I searched online and tried the most talked-about Primary School Leaving Examination 2009 most difficult Maths questions which has flummoxes all Primary 6 candidates, unsettled many bright alecks, caused many top students to cry, created a furore among parents.

And this was the question:

Jim bought some chocolates and gave half of it to Ken.

Ken bought some sweets and gave half of it to Jim.

Jim ate 12 sweets and Ken ate 18 chocolates.

The ratio of Jim's sweets to chocolates became 1 : 7 and the ratio of Ken's sweets to chocolates became 1:4.

How many sweets did Ken buy?

The answer is 68

The question can be solved using simultaneous equation, though I did not try, looking at the question enough, I am happy as I am able to sleep now!

Anyway, the question is too difficult for a Primary 6 student in my belief. Injustice may be done to students of average ability as they would be definitely caught in a panic by the series of difficult questions.

If I were one of the many hundreds of Primary 6 students taking the examinations, I would never leave any part on the exampapers blank, just scribble something, you will be awarded marks.

If I were a Primary 6 student taking this paper and not able to solve this question, I would just write:


This answer is so simple, and surely would deserve some marks right! Examiners could not have marked it wrong as it is pure simple logic! Having written, just proceed to tackle other questions!

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