Thursday, September 17, 2009


I spotted these pieces of art, made of common ordinary plastic bottles which most of us would conveniently dump into the litter bins after partaking the contents, outside the MacDonalds Restaurant at Chinatown Point last Sunday.

Who could imagine that these bottles could come back to life as great pieces of art ornaments?

Though Singaporeans can find recycling bins within a stone's throw away from their places of residences, the recycling rate here still has lots to play catch-up on.

Though Singapore is a small nation, a lot of effort has been invested to promote recycling in our country. I really hope that the bigger countries could also play an active role or continue doing their parts for the environment as the number of waste generated from a larger country easily outnumbers that generated from a smaller country.

Talking about the environment, Singapore witnessed haze again in the past two days with hotspots emerging in the Indonesian island of Sumatra again, the haze must be caused by the mass clearance of the land for cultivation of crops yet again.

Singapore F1 will be staged next week, if the haze were to be back again during the F1 race events, and the hazy skyline of Singapore shown to the world during the global telecast, I believe some damage to the perception of Singapore and its tourism would be perpetuated.

Talking about F1, this time around, the mood is not as strong as before. To be frank, it is very quiet in Singapore, no buzz yet about the F1 race though there is some publicity in the newspapers.

To create buzz, all Singaporeans must join in the buzz and be proud that Singapore is hosting an international event. Same goes for the Youth Olympics Games next year, I believe if possible, all Singapore youths could volunteer to help out if possible, though some may argue that most Singaporeans are bothered with the daily bread and butter issues.

Just follow your hearts and see what you can do for our country!

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